Integrated Healthware, LLC Introduces Industry’s Most Advanced Scalability, New PWS Forms Builder and Managed Care Database

Integrated Healthware, LLC Introduces Industry’s Most Advanced Scalability, New PWS Forms Builder and Managed Care Database

Integrated Healthware, LLC Introduces Industry’s Most Advanced Scalability, New PWS Forms Builder and Managed Care Database

New Physicians’ Workstation Suite Delivers Industry’s Best Information And Practice Management, Unmatched Support for Distributed Practices.

(Integrated Healthware, LLC), leaders in clinical and administrative information management systems for physicians and their staffs, today introduced major enhancements and modules for its Physicians’ Workstation Suite (PWS) that further establish it as the industry’s most comprehensive, scaleable point-of-care solution. New PWS features include a forms builder module for easy capture, management and tracking of patient information; a managed care database to simplify compliance and decision support; and an enhanced 5-tiered architecture based on patented technology to ensure constant information availability throughout large-scale, distributed practice groups. The new PWS System is being introduced at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Show in Orlando, Florida.

"Today’s introductions make the Physicians’ Workstation Suite the clear choice to help physicians expedite quality patient care, remain current with the dynamics and compliance demands of managed care, and support the growth objectives of their practice group," according to Dr. Bruce Ryan, president and CEO, Integrated Healthware, LLC Information Systems. "Our mission is to provide unmatched information management and administrative support to caregivers, further expanding their ability to focus on patient care. This latest PWS introduction reaffirms our ability to meet this strategic goal."

Capturing, Managing Patient Data via Electronic Forms:

The PWS System’s new Forms Builder module enables practices to quickly, easily build and customize electronic forms to more effectively capture, track, manage and analyze patient information. The PWS Forms Builder lets administrators and other authorized users build electronic forms that define specific types and elements of patient information, and dynamically link and index all information captured throughout the admissions and treatment process while creating a clinical database. This expedites the patient’s admissions procedures while ensuring that all appropriate clinical information is identified, captured, and shared with other clinicians in real time, letting caregiver organizations more easily access and analyze important information.

The PWS Forms Builder lets organizations build forms that mirror current manual processes, accelerating acceptance and adoption of the System, while creating a robust clinical database for outcomes analysis and physician benchmarking.

"The continuous improvement in the quality of patient care that we provide as a profession depends on our ability to have information available and usable at the time we treat patients. Additionally, by capturing physician-derived data, we can more thoroughly understand the outcomes of our treatment options," said Mark Dente, M.D., Vice President of Medical Affairs, Integrated Healthware, LLC Information Systems, Inc.

"The PWS Forms Builder give care providers a new ability to capture the individual patient metrics that are key to their practice, creating a knowledge base that supports the development of models of best care practices," Dr. Dente concluded.

Better Management for Managed Care:

The PWS Managed Care Database gives physicians and their staffs’ information on covered services and minimum data requirements for health plans during the patient encounter. The Managed Care Database supports the physician in developing diagnosis and treatment plans with the fullest possible awareness of covered and discretionary services. It also helps practice groups significantly reduce the administrative burdens of compliance documentation and billing.

The PWS Managed Care Database provides the capability to create and maintain:

  • current information on covered procedures and services, by specific health plans;
  • diagnostic and procedures rules and coding, by specific health plans;
  • full listings of approved referral physicians, by specific health plans;

Scalability and Absolute Reliability:

The PWS System enables reliable scalability across the largest distributed environments. Founded on advanced multi-tiered object and component models, the PWS System leverages Wang’s experience in delivering constant information availability across large-scale enterprises such as government and military applications environments. The System’s unique data streaming and caching system ensures that current patient information will be consistently available electronically.

About Integrated Healthware, LLC Information Systems:

Headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts, Integrated Healthware, LLC develops and markets the Physicians’ Workstation Suite (PWS), the most scaleable, comprehensive and easy-to-use patient information system available for the rapidly-growing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) market. Integrated Healthware, LLC supports the timely delivery of quality care by ensuring the availability of patient information throughout the enterprise, and by streamlining a comprehensive range of care delivery and practice management services. Integrated Healthware, LLC Information Systems is a newly formed, privately held company. Additional information is available at

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