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Americans spend 6 billion dollars a year on weight-loss products, in search of the magic bullet, yet obesity is at epidemic proportions in the United States! Could it be that fad diets and quick fixes simply don''t work?

Food Portions for life is not a diet. It is a lifelong way of eating and it all centers around a common sense approach to portion control!

When you practice self-control and manage your portions of food responsibly, you are on your way to successful weight management!

Dear Friend,

Fad diets have been around for decades and there is no shortage of them today. One look at the current state of obesity in the United States tells us it''s not so much that they work but that, sadly, Americans are still looking for a quick fix to their weight-loss issues!

We are starting to catch on, though. At last, we''re starting to realize that while dieting isn''t the answer, everyone''s "diet" should include a variety of foods from all the major food groups.

Instead of reaching for yet another diet that totally bans one of the essential food groups, take a few moments to see why you need a variety of nutrients and you''ll discover how easy it is to control your weight just by being informed and making sensible choices. Read on...

  • Dieting history and myths
  • What your body needs
  • How do Europeans do it?
  • Healthy food benefits
  • It''s all about portion control
  • Eat well or diet forever?
  • Combine smart eating and healthy lifestyles
  • You''re back in control!

Healthy Woman


  • Not all carbs are bad. Learn exactly what carbohydrates are, the difference between good and bad carbs, and the major role they play in your body. (page 9)

  • You know what protein is…now learn what it does for your body! (page 10)

  • Discover the truth about Trans Fats, which are so detrimental to the body they have come under government regulation! (page 10)

  • Your body needs healthy fats. Discover which oils are the healthiest choices. (page 11)

Don''t eat what you see – eat until you begin to feel full!

Indulge occasionally and enjoy decadent desserts, but do it with awareness and purpose!

Don''t think about ''dieting'' – think about eating healthy portions from all food groups, listening to your hunger signals, and enjoying your food!

Exterminate The Excuses!

Sit back and learn about health issues that you NEED to understand!

Portions for Life will help you identify the things that sabotage your ability to lose and maintain a comfortable weight. We will guide you through the process to establish healthy, lifelong habits that will make ‘weight-worry'' a thing of the past!

With Portion Control, You''re Back in Control!

Looking for a quick-fix is only temporary. Depriving yourself of the things you love to eat is a short-term fix to the problem. But learning to manage portions and control how much you eat is the key to long-term weight control!

Food Portions for Life reveals...

  • Discover which foods stave off hunger the longest and make you feel fuller sooner. (page 11)

  • Discover the secrets Europeans use to manage weight control! (page 15)

  • Losing unhealthy pounds isn''t just about looking better; just look at all the positive changes about to take place in your body! (page 21)

  • Get the SKINNY on Organic Foods; not only are they healthier for you – they taste better too! (page 22)

  • Processed foods are always getting a bad rap. HERE''S WHY! (page 24)

  • Just what is a portion anyway? You might be surprised! (page 31)

  • Includes portion control tips to keep you on the straight and narrow at home! (page 37)

  • Includes 12 powerful tips to help you control portions and extras when dining out! (page 44)

  • Includes low-fat, low-sugar meal plans with snack and dessert options with common sense portions! (page 50)


The topics listed above should give you a good idea of what to expect from Food Portions for Life but don''t think for a split-second that''s all it offers.

This ebook is overflowing with awesome information and great tips!

This guide will walk you through myths and misconceptions about food, show you how food has changed over the past 20 years, explain the value of organic or natural food choices, and help you understand the benefits of eating smart!

Portions for Life takes you step-by-step through the maze of label reading to make it easy for you to see what you are really consuming!

It''s time to take a common sense approach to food!

It''s time to take control!

Timing IS Everything and Your Timing IS PERFECT!

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