Premature Ejaculation Solutions - For Full Satisfaction Every Time

Premature Ejaculation Solutions - For Full Satisfaction Every Time

  • Premature ejaculation solutions might sometimes be very necessary if you lack the ability to naturally withhold ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

    Research suggests that it takes 20 minutes for the average woman to achieve an orgasm from intercourse only.

    Now whether or not you suffer from premature ejaculation, twenty minutes can be a mighty long time to go without loosing it. So to help men achieve this level of staying time many tactics and methods have been suggested and tried. Here are some frequently asked questions about a few of them.

    Thinking about things non sexual during intercourse, how effective is this?

    This method has been so widely touted it has become a standard joke in several movies and television shows. I am sure you heard a few. Anyway this tactic will not work consistently and seeks to takes you away from a moment you should be fully aware of and be completely into.
    Instead of concentrating on giving and receiving pleasure when you''re having sex, your mind is a million miles away. Don''t think so.

    Masturbating before actual intercourse, will this lead to longer lasting sex?

    Kinda. The second time around will most times last longer than the first, you probably already noticed that. However you may also be painfully aware that the second time can still fall way short of giving fulfillment. Ouch!

    Is there any way to quickly and consistently improve performance and step up staying time?

    Well, you can naturally re-train your body as well as your mind to climax only when you want. There are very effective natural techniques to do this. But they do require a little time and some effort.

    However to instantly meet the challenge of staying up to 20 minutes or more each and every time, there are premature ejaculation solutions designed to effortlessly get the job done with no drawbacks.

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    You could be having longer-lasting, fully satisfying sex as soon as tonight! You and your lover will both be glad that you decided to take action.