One Healthy Way to Lose Weight is to Cheat on Your Diet (Part 1)

One Healthy Way to Lose Weight is to Cheat on Your Diet (Part 1)

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Here’s one healthy way to lose weight that most people don’t realize and try - ‘cheat’ and eat your favorite kind of food!

How many times will you hear a dietitian tell you to cheat on your eating plan? It’s not often, but that may be the exact key to helping you learn lifetime healthy eating habits.

Flexibility can mean the difference between being able to stick it out long-term and giving up for good. Sometimes a little cheat of chocolate can keep you from feeling utter desperation and deprivation.

Giving in is very different from giving up. When you give in and have a little taste of heaven, you’re not giving up on your diet plan – you’re being flexible. Does this mean you can give in 24 hours a day and consume as many calories as you feel like eating?

Not if you want to lose weight.

But successful dieters understand the importance of having a little leeway to live life according to their own needs, and sometimes that includes something off limits.

It is a healthy way to lose weight and gives plenty of motivation to stay on the diet.

Lack of motivation and variety is a major reason why people fail their diet.

So always Say ‘Yes’ to that Chocolate or Vanilla Slice.

The simple pleasures that life offers can’t be locked out.

Now and again, spoil yourself to a piece of chocolate mud cake, a glass of wine or two in evening. Cutting out everything is just not living life! This where Fat Loss 4 Idiots - the best diet to lose belly fat — has it’s advantages over other weight loss diets — Flexibility and sensible eating. Click Here to discover the weight loss meal plans.

But just make sure the next day, you get back to eating normally without giving it a second thought.

There’s no point beating yourself up about the occasional slip.

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