How To Speed Up Metabolism

How To Speed Up Metabolism

If you’re wondering how to speed up metabolism, then we have some great tips for you and a completely FREE guide which you can download below and kickstart your metabolism into overdrive.

How To Speed Up Metabolism With Exercise

One of the easiest ways to increase your metabolic rate is to exercise. Any form of exercise is of course beneficial, but certain types of exercise are more beneficial for speeding up metabolism than others.

For example, muscle is proven to burn up to 9 times more calories than the same weight in fat, so it makes perfect sense that you should incorporate strength training into your routine. Not only will you look and feel more toned, but your body will be able to burn more calories even while resting and sleeping if you increase your muscle mass, and therefore your metabolism.

How to Speed Up Metabolism By Eating!

You may actually be a bit confused by this statement, but it’s a well known fact that if you try to cut your calories too low, you are actually going to slow down your metabolism as your body goes into “starvation mode”.

“Starvation mode” is the body’s natural self defense mechanism which is triggered when you eat too few calories for your body’s requirements for extended periods of time. Your body has a natural instinct to survive, and therefore it will slow itself down so that it can protect vital organs such as the heart and liver.

So instead of cutting calories down too low, concentrate on eating the right kinds of food. There are certain foods that can help speed up metabolism, and burn fat, such as oats, ginger and spices.

Eating 4 to 6 small meals each day, rather than sticking to the traditional 3 large meals each day, can also be beneficial for weight loss and increasing metabolism. People who are “grazers” are usually slimmer than those who are not. This way, you constantly keep your body fueled and revved up, and you don’t allow yourself to get so hungry that you make bad food choices and, even worse, start binging.

How To Speed Up Metabolism and Lose Weight

In the 14 page Guide by well known nutritionist and weight loss expert, Isabel De Los Rios, she shows you how to speed up metabolism and jump start fat loss with a no-nonsense approach eating healthily and losing weight.

In as little as a week, you can get your body back on track without resorting to unhealthy or extreme measures which can actually harm your body and your health.

The meal plans are easy to prepare and easy to follow and Isabel guarantees that if you stick to the plan contained in this guide, you will see results.

You can download this valuable Guide completely FREE – so go ahead and put your name and email in the form below so you can get started today!

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