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Hidden Albion

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Gassete library albion college class of 1870 stone pile
Close-up of image from Gage Printing postcard. (c. 1904)

Editor''s note: Class of 1870 Stone Pile is visible on the lawn near Robinson Hall.

Robinson Hall
Robinson Hall, Albion College, Albion, Michigan. Real Photo postcard, unknown publisher

•The Stone Pile was erected between Robinson and South Halls in 1870
•In 1950, the family of Isaac Riddick presented the College with a plaque which was placed on the Stone Pile to identify it for later generations
•In 1994 the Stone Pile was photographed and numbered prior to being moved due to construction of the Kellogg Cente.
•In 1995 the Stone Pile was repositioned in front of the Gerstacker International House
In May 1870, the 14 members of the Albion College graduating class searched the countryside for boulders that would represent each of them in a momument. The boulders were then brought back to campus by horse and wagon and assembled on the Quadrangle to create what became known as the "Stone Pile."
A member of the class and later alumni editor for the first edition of "The Pleiad", Isaac Riddick, delivered an oration entitled, "Footprints," at the dedication of the class memorial in the spring. In it, he spoke of the footprints the class left behind them during their student lives, and the footprints that were yet to be made in their lives after graduation. He concluded with these lines: "And now [my] fellow classmates[,] we have met this hour in harmony to make footprints more, which shall be a memorial telling to those who cameafter us that thro'' these halls and o''er these grounds [as] brothers and sister we have trod. And toward our memorial I trust in the future, many eyes will look with kindness and glad voice be heard saying, "There are the stepping stones of ''70 around which year [after] year we shall meet. . . And now as you go out to labot as philosophers, essayists, politicians, orators, poets, historians, naturalists, seekers and teachers of truth. . . may all your deeds, all your words, all your smiles[,] all your footprints shine with glory as the stars."
-Jennifer Thomas, Marilyn Crandell Schleg Archivist at Albion CollegeClass of 1896 Fountain

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