Health Insurance Coverage Advice

Health Insurance Coverage Advice

The gamut of health insurance plans marketed in New York State can be broadly grouped under personal health plans, family health plans and group health plans. Purchasing health insurance coverage by individuals, businesses and families have been mandated by state laws and health insurance coverage is essential to avert the financial catastrophe in the event of medical emergencies. Health insurance is a million dollar industry. There is a long list of health insurance carriers in the state offering a wide array of health insurance plans. However, you need to choose the right kind of health insurance plan to let the coverage do the maximum for you besides helping you meet your typical health care requirements.

Those employed with firms can hope to get employer sponsored health insurance coverage. In this case, the employer bears a sizeable chunk of the premium and the employee gets access to affordable and quality health care. Group health insurance plans sponsored by employers do not exclude anyone on the basis of pre-existing health conditions since the insurance carriers feel they are under no loss in case of huge claims since the large number of subscribers to group insurance plans will compensate for the probably loss incurred by the insurance firm. Therefore, this is the best way to get a low cost health insurance plan in New York. Those who are self-employed might need to buy an independent health insurance plan.

Some of the major sources to know about the various kinds of health insurance plans available in New York include New York Health Insurance Information, Health Organizations and Resources and online health insurance quotes. New York residents who do not have an employer sponsored health insurance plan can look forward to purchase suitable health insurance plans from a large number of private health insurance firms. Also, those families and individuals who can satisfy the eligibility conditions can benefit from a wide range of state and federally sponsored health insurance programs like Medicaid, COBRA and the Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plan (PCIP). For instance, PCIP comes to the rescue of people who cannot buy health insurance coverage on account of their pre-existing medical conditions.

Good news for subscribers wanting to buy independent health insurance policies in New York is that this is one of the few guaranteed issue states in the country. The implication is this. Every insurance carrier doing business in the state is expected by mandates to offer at least two comprehensive standardized plans to all individuals of the state. No insurance carrier can turn you down from buying a health insurance plan on account of your pre-existing health conditions. New York is also a guaranteed renewal state. This mean that the health insurance carriers are prohibited from increasing the premiums on individual health insurance plans on renewals on the grounds of health conditions. As long as you keep paying the premiums, the insurance carriers cannot cancel the policy. Affordable Care Act features a number of provisions to benefit the residents of the state.

Therefore, New York residents may take advantage of such legal provisions in the state and get appropriate health insurance coverage. Since health insurance is an expensive decision, you need to exercise enough care in choosing the right policy. Once you do this, you can stay at peace having protected yourself and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How to get health insurance for my unborn daughter?
    I''m 22. I have health insurance coverage under my parents (it''s just better insurance than I could get on my own, that''s why I''ve kept it). However, I am pregnant and need to find insurance for my daughter for when she''s born. Under my current insurance, I am covered but she is not.

    My question is, what should I do? I got an application for Medicaid but will it cover her before she is born, even though I don''t need insurance? Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      You will have to wait until she is born. You will not be able to get a policy for her until then. You can apply for medicaid for yourself now (even if you do not use it) and add her within 30 days after birth, she will be covered. Some states allow the baby to be covered under the mom''s medicaid for 60-90 days after the birth. Check with your state to see if they are one.

      If you want private insurance for her, go to an independant agent and get the basics set up-know which policy you want to purchase ahead of time. Then when she is born, send the required paperwork in.

    How to get health insurance for my daughter?
    I''m 22. I have health insurance coverage under my parents (it''s just better insurance than I could get on my own, that''s why I''ve kept it). However, I am pregnant and need to find insurance for my daughter for when she''s born. Under my current insurance, I am covered but she is not.

    My question is, what should I do? I got an application for Medicaid but will it cover her before she is born, even though I don''t need insurance? Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      Check out this site, if you want to find the best or the cheapest health insurance just in one minute,

      Here you can get free quotes from different health insurance companies in your area, its the best way to find an afforable health insurance with a reliable company.

      Best Wishes,

    5 months pregnant and husband is getting layoff. How long before we lose medical coverage?
    My hubby just got the news that the company is shutting down operations on May 13 and he more than likely will be laid off. We have had awesome medical with a flexible spending account and we are about to lose everything just when we are having our first baby. I''m 5 months pregnant. How long before our health insurance coverage runs out? Any advice from people who have gone thru things like this before? We are lost for words.

    • ANSWER:
      If there is no severance package that includes health insurance, it will most likely be end of the month that he is let go in (May 31). However, it might also be the last day of employment.
      = based on company policy.

      If the company is shutting down, shutting down (as in no locations anywhere), he is not eligible for COBRA because the plan is shutting down.
      If just his job or location are closing, if the company has 20 or more employees he will be eligible for COBRA. If less than 20 employees, there is no federal requirement for COBRA but many states have their own COBRA law for this group.
      = COBRA is the exact same insurance as you have now, the difference is you have to pay 102% of the cost. It''s no longer split between employee and employer.

      If you have access to insurance through your employer, you have 30 days from losing your husband''s coverage, to be eligible to enroll in your company''s plan.

      If you or your husband get insurance through a new employer that has maternity coverage, your pregnancy and delivery will be covered. Pregnancy is not considered a pre-existing condition on employer based insurance plans.

    How do you prove your current weight to be appoved for health insurance coverage?
    I am trying to find health coverage and BCBS won''t appove you if you are over 221 (5''3" & female) - I am about 214 so the rate would be higher, but still approved. How do you show that is what you weigh? The last time I went to the doctor was months ago and I''ve lost about 20 lbs since then. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      So when you went to the doctor a few months ago, you weighed 234 pounds? That could be a problem since when you apply for health insurance, they will usually ask for all of your medical doctors that treated you. So on your application you state your height/weight and then they get copies of your medical records from your doctor, which will show that you were previously 234 pounds which is over the allowed weight that they will insure, thus could deny your application.

      Personally, before you apply, I suggest you get on the phone with an agent that handles insurance with BCBS for help. If there could be problems or if they were to deny you based on your previous weight, you want to find out 1st and get their advice.

      Also, you need the advice of a agent to see if you qualify for health insurance. Weight is a huge factor, but more importantly is your current/past health status that could disqualify you.

      Please do not do on your own, but talk to an agent. There is no charge to you for their advice.

      good luck

    I paid more than the Out of Pocket Max per family.Would I get the money refunded?

    I have Blue Cross health insurance coverage.My out of pocket max for family is 00 in network.In the year of 2010, I have paid around 00 towards deductibles ,coinsurance , co payments etc which is more the 00.Would I get the excessive payment (2500) refunded from the insurance company? Please advice.

    • ANSWER:
      I would review your claims information from the insurance company (online or if you kept the hard copies) and see if they really attributed all of that 00 to your deductible/coinsurance/copayments, as opposed to your doctors/hospitals/pharmacy, etc just TELLING you that what they were charging you was deductible/coinsurance/copays. You should never pay anybody unless your insurance has already told you that that amount is the correct amount. Also, if the claims (or Explanation of Benefits as they are called) do allocate 00 to your responsibility, you most likely didn''t stay in network.

      Give your insurance company a call if you can''t figure it out yourself by looking at your bills in comparison to your EOBs from the insurance company. Just have a record of what you spent that 00 on so they can actually help you figure out where you were overcharged.

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