Bugs’ Effect On Allergies—3 Bugs To Steer Clear Of If You Have Allergies

Bugs’ Effect On Allergies—3 Bugs To Steer Clear Of If You Have Allergies

Constant exposure to the protein in bugs’ feces and saliva can cause an uncomfortable increase in allergy symptoms. Keeping these 3 common bugs out of your home can decrease your symptoms and drastically increase your quality of life.

Dust Mites—Dust mites are present in every home. There are many things you can do to minimize their presence but there is no way to get rid of them completely.

It is the protein in their feces that is such a potent allergen. And because they reproduce at such a rapid pace, the trail of feces is unending. Ideal conditions are places that soft, damp, dark, and offer a food source..

Carpet, human beds, and pet beds are some of their top choices for perfect living conditions. They feed on dead skin flakes (dander) that are constantly being shed to make way for newer healthier skin that is more able to defend the body against disease and infection.

Washing bedding in water that is 300 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter at least once a week will reduce the population. Dust mite covers will prevent your pillows and mattresses from becoming a haven for the mites to reproduce. And by keeping them exposed to the light it allows the sunlight to kill them naturally.. Sunlight kills mites.

Best to get covers made of tightly woven fabric rather than vinyl or plastic. The fabric covers allow air to circulate and are more comfortable to sleep on

Cockroaches—These scary critters seek shelter in your home in search of water and food. Their feces, saliva, and body parts eventually dry and can become airborne with normal daily activities.

When the roaches die, if they are not removed, they dry out and the small flakes are available to be inhaled and cause the miserable symptoms so common with allergies.

Seal holes that might be allowing bugs to enter your home. This means checking doors, windows, floors, and walls.. Take excess moisture out of the air if necessary by using a dehumidifier. Make sure the kitchen and bathroom pipes are without leaks that would provide moisture.

Store food in containers with lids so bugs can’t get to it. Empty garbage cans that contain food frequently so that it doesn’t attract bugs.. The cleaner tables, counters, and the stove are kept the less source of food there is for critters.

Avoid pesticides to kill them and opt instead for boric acid. It is much people and environmentally friendly. Boric acid is just as effective and not nearly as toxic to humans and pets

Ladybugs—I am as shocked as you are to discover that these cute and colorful little bugs spell trouble as well. These pretty little bugs often come in to escape the cold and can increase their population to a significant level.. Although in their defense, any bug in large numbers can become an allergen.

The fluid that these beetles secrete as well as the inside of their bodies contains the allergen to which many become allergic. With the use of these bugs as a natural solution to pest control, the problem is likely to increase.