At Health Travel Maven, we recognize remarkable content from the industry thought leaders and build relationship linkages across social media and other more established and traditional communications channels.

At Health Travel Maven, we recognize remarkable content from the industry thought leaders and build relationship linkages across social media and other more established and traditional communications channels.

We identify and follow key opinion leaders in health travel and medical tourism leaders and curate news and events that the health travel industry wants to know about. We research industry trends, stumble across data and statistics, and compile Top Lists and share them across social media channels. We also work as a communications partner and help with media placement and other macrotactics, and to develop integrated marketing campaigns that generate more results with microtactics to help you build effective branding and messaging strategies for medical tourism and health travel.

Since we’re already up the learning curve, you benefit by saving time, money and experimentation. Our experts have worked with over 3000 different health industry clients throughout the world to create successful service lines through interactive business planning techniques.

Through digital curation, we establish, maintain and add value to repositories of digital data for present and future use. Through traditional marketing and branding activities, we reinforce awareness and messaging. Our method is to utilize digital curation to improve the quality of information and data within the medical tourism and health travel industry and couple it with marketing, branding and awareness campaigns that help our clients to achieve recognition as industry leaders. As a specialised health travel industry public relations firm, we offer the following services for our clients:
  1. You''ll benefit from our copyeditor and proofreader services for all your social media and website content. We''ll review any concerns we identify with your creative director or marketing director. You''ll benefit from our proofing services by attention to detail, idiomatic accuracy for the English speaking audience, and checking for grammar and typos. You''ll benefit from our editing services when we identify what’s wrong with content, and either communicate how to fix it with the writer, or fixes it ourselves. The choice is yours!

  2. We''ll share new offers created on your behalf with your entire company -- from marketing to Sales to Services, and even Product and support! This way, you''ll be able to maintain high-touch customer service.We tie social media strategies to core business goals that are measureable, and prove ROI

  3. Your company will receive an internal, client only, weekly email titled, “This Week in Health Travel” that highlights the upcoming e-books, whitepapers, webinars, featured destinations, and content we''ve released on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media channels. Your team members can also opt-in to receive notifications via a Google Group every time a new offer is created at your firm.

  4. We''ll prepare the offers, along with assets such as landing page, email copy, and social media images, in the weekly email so subscribers can quickly access everything they need to know about every piece of long-form content your company publishes.

  5. We''ll identify new content formats and promotion channels that emerge and determine which ones to add to your marketing and public relations toolkit and figure out which of the latest and greatest is worth investing resources into, and which ones to throw out. Decisions for each will be reviewed with your designated team members on a weekly client management call.

  6. We will encourage and support your company authors to adopt a variety of content formats, technological advancements, and agility. We will help to mitigate risk by reducing the amount of investment into initial experiments with new content channels and media, during a testing phase and measure outcomes and suggest expansion or retraction, revision or abandonment of the channel test.

  7. We''ll test out new social media networks for your company to determine if it is a good platform to share content.

  8. We''ll test content format with Pinterest, Vine Videos, BlogTalkRadio, and Twitter, etc. and measure reach and response.

  9. We''ll measure content performance to assess whether a piece of content was worth the time put into it, and whether you should do it again in the future.

  10. We''ll build you a strategy that is designed to generate targeted followers that generate more qualified leads for your hospital, hotel, or medical group.

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