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About Me Sustain Health and Wellness

If you had asked me two years ago if this is what I would be doing with my life, I would have laughed. I also probably would have been suffering from chronic migraines, untimely cold sores, horrible jaw pain, and more stress than I could handle.

What started with a seemingly uncomplicated dietary change turned into a massive overhaul of my life. I became a vegetarian, suffered through an excruciating 8-week migraine, discovered an enormous list of food intolerances, changed every single aspect of how I ate, cooked and related to food, quit my job and became the healthiest I have ever been.

Having been able to experience first hand the way that food can hurt us and heal us, I knew I needed to share this with others.

My personal experience with food, combined with my education through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, has given me an intimate working knowledge of nutrition. My background in social work and the employee assistance arena has provided me with a solid background for working with individuals, families, groups, and corporations.

I am grateful to have the ability to do what I love while helping others along on their journey to better health.

To start a revolution in the kitchen.

To bring families together through good, wholesome food.

To help individuals find balance in their lives.

To empower people to listen to their bodies and have a role in their own health and wellness.

To show that a diagnosis of food intolerances or allergies is not a death sentence.

I believe that we feed ourselves not only with the food we eat, but through the relationships we make, the work we pursue, and the ways in which we take care of our bodies. When any one part of the system is out of balance, we become out of balance.

Sustain Health and Wellness practices a holistic approach to nutrition. Instead of focusing on points, fat, calories and carbs, we will work together to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you.

We will focus on all areas of your life that feed you: work, relationships, spirituality, and physical activity. As we work together, we look at how these areas are impacting your overall health and wellness so that you can look and feel your absolute best.

Throughout our time together, I will encourage you to get in touch with whole foods, experiment with simple recipes, and make lifestyle changes that honor your mind, body and spirit.

The overall goal: to empower you to draw upon your own knowledge of how to make sustainable changes for better health and wellbeing in your own life.

Contact InformationInterested in taking the first step towards living a healthier, more balanced life?

We can set a time to discuss your unique situation in depth and determine how I can help you reach your personal goals.

3 hours ago@metoo117 you are quite welcome! glad you enjoyed it. :)

4 hours ago@thecindyb i graduated in 2010 from @nutritionschool. it was a great program. love working with people and watch them achieve their goals.

9 hours ago@SteelerGirlNat wow that''s awesome

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