Your Mind Matters

Your Mind Matters

"Minds are like parachutes, they function only when open" once said Lord Thomas Robert Dewar, hopefully your mind will be open when read this article. If you can permit your self to wrap your thinking around these ideas, this secret will help give you the power to attain the physique of your dreams.

All I''m doing is taking the theories from the movie "The Secret" (IMDB synopsis: Interviews with leading authors, philosophers, scientists, with an in-depth discussion of the Law of Attraction. The audience is shown how they can learn and use ''The Secret'' in their everyday lives. ) and help you apply them towards your own goals.

Please be forewarned that this "ultimate secret" is unconnected to our regular treatise on reps and sets. There are no details on protein, fat or calories in this discourse. No cardio training or abdominals exercises will be discussed. But discovering this life altering "Secret" will allow you to sculpt and create the body of your dreams or achieve any of the other goals you may have set for yourself.

The "Secret" has been used by athletes at all levels of competition. Champion bodybuilders know about and implemented the "Secret". The majority of the happiest, most affluent, influential and powerful people during the course of history have made use of the "Secret". Many of them didn''t even know that they held this power, but wielding it in the course of their lives is the reason they all succeeded. In this discourse I''ll put a little spin on this "Secret" and on how to apply it to your fitness goals. You should know that these techniques would work for any of the goals and desires you have such as reducing your body fat to that of an elite athlete.

Before the "Secret" is revealed, I would like you to respond a few questions for yourself and make sure that the responses are in accordance with your goals. Please be absolutely honest with yourself. If your responses show that you have not reached the goals that these questions relate to, listen up, because I''m going to show you how you can alter this right now and be well on the road to attaining no matter what your mission is in life.

Do you have a body that you are happy with? Do you feel eager and ready to go every day, seven days a week? Are you swollen with pride with your body, do you feel positive and full of strength? Are you able to do all that you want in life with no physical restrictions? Would you like to have less body fat? Would you like to see gains and have a greater amount of muscle? Are you looking for better gluteals and a cover model abdominal area?

Everyone examining these questions will produce different resonses for themselves. Remember none of us think alike. Our individual goals and desires all vary.

But the most miraculous part is that ALL of your goals are feasible, whoever you are, if you can grasp and IMPLEMENT the "Secret". And now, on with our show! What is this notorious "Secret"? �
The "Secret" is all in your psyche centers around the irresistible Law of Attraction. Your mental focus evolves into your personal reality. In alternative words, "What you resist, persists. Whatever you are feeling and thinking is a perfect reflection of what you will become".

If your principle focus is your frustration with your body fat, then those things will never go away due to the fact that you are giving it your attention and perpetuating your own negative reality. On the other hand, if your focus turns to your own accomplishment and you consistently and constantly give all of your attention to images and positive thoughts of what your flawless body will feel like, this will develop into your new reality. The principal message is that your internal opinions and feelings must mirror inside the body that you want outside. Actively see in your mind''s eye you living in your desired, new body every day.

If you''ve already closed your mind to this idea after reading this far go ahead, go find another site, go back to your existing life and keep feeling a failure and not achieving your dietary goals. Alternatively, you can permit your mind to be open and ascertain that you wish to be a success, finish reading this discourse, digest and dedicate yourself to using the "Secret" and you will see your body gradually change into exactly what you want to look like.

I accidentally found the "Secret" a while ago and learned how it could be used to help me succeed to my dietary weight loss goals.

So how do you exactly visualize this magnificent new body? Your first step is to be familiar with that the way you feel now and the body that you currently have are a joint result of the way you have lived your life in past years... all of the habits, actions, thoughts and reactions that you have had or made every day since you were born. If you do not currently have the body of your dreams, or perhaps the energy levels you feel you should have then now is the time to change your mindset and take urgent and historic action towards the things you want.

Start creating in your minds eye a picture of you already living in that beautiful, strong, lean body... feel the energy, the power and the vitality flowing through you. Imagine the feeling of being full of self-confidence. If this is what you actually want, you WILL attain it, but you will need to permit your desire to burn and fuel your success.

You need to carry out using this visualization technique every day and encapsulate this "feeling" of your new body until you look in the mirror and see the goal you have been working toward. If you execute this regularly, you will open yourself to getting everything you want. To reiterate, if your focus is solely on your failures and your thinking incessantly negative, you will continue to attract defeat and dissatisfaction into your life.

I have had mind-blowing things and extraordinary people come into my life since finding the "Secret". If you open your mind and concentrate your full will and being on what you covet, you will bring it to you. Start with the right mindset and the journey to realize your goals sustains you to put huge amounts of vigor into these thoughts daily. Once you have it right, you''ll in no way fail.

To conclude, I will give you one more reflection-provoking quote that has entirely changed how I live my life and what I believe I can achieve.

"Whether you believe that you can or can''t do something, either way, you are right".

Go back and read that again, and accept it! It is an barely credible shift in your thinking that will revolutionize your life.

Do both me, and yourself, a favor and re-read this complete article from start to finish, then start thinking hard about how you can use the information towards your own goals. It doesn''t even have to be about your body weight or body fat. It can be about literally anything that you wish to achieve.

Once your way of thinking is correct, you are prepared to take the impressive journey towards your goals; so get on track now!