Why men are not romantic?

Why men are not romantic?

Why men are not romantic?

Why men are not romantic?

Why men are not romantic?

Why men are not romantic?Why men are not romantic?

Nearly half of women complain that men are not romantic. Women love romantic movies, while men tend to like action movies and horror. For men, love means having while women tend to give priority to the emotional bond.

So what makes a man is not romantic, let’s look at some reasons men are not romantic boldsky quoted from:

Not living in a dream world

Unlike women, men have never lived in a dream world, where a daughter came and asked him to walk together. Men are too cumbersome and does not believe in fantasy (except wild fantasies). So, they live in the real world, where they knew there was a princess or not.

Differing interests.

Women will love to be given flowers or chocolates. Meanwhile, if a man, would love to play with the various gadgets that can be entertaining and fun. Differences in interest has been shown that the man was not a romantic

For men, romance is … Love!

When you say that like to listen to something romantic, he just thinks about sex and feel you’re in the mood for love. This led to a big misunderstanding because she began to feel her husband came to her just for fun only. The evidence suggests that men find love and romance is not about the others.

Embarrassed or upset

The man with his ego did feel embarrassed to talk about romance. Meanwhile, if women are very happy to talk about romance. If woman continued to discuss the affair, he sometimes was annoyed and uncomfortable.

Here are some reasons men are not romantic. If your partner is not a romantic guy, do not think that he does not love you. Because each of all fingers instead of the same shape and size!

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