Increase Your Fat Loss At The Gymnasium

Increase Your Fat Loss At The Gymnasium

It seems that the majority of us want to lose weight and get fit. In our efforts to do so we often start an exercise program or join a gym. But how many people do you see at the gyms who never seem to make any progress at all? It’s not going to the gym that will get you in shape but rather what you do at the gym that makes all of the difference.

In order to see the results from a new exercise program you are going to have to break a sweat. That means working hard enough so that your heart rate gets into the training zone and stays there for a while. There are some scientific studies that show that if you keep your heart rate at the lower end of the target zone for a longer period of time your body will burn more fat stores than carbohydrates, however if you want to drop fat from your body that is the most difficult way to do it and you probably won’t even succeed.

Whether you are actually burning fat or carbohydrates as your main energy source during an exercise program is not nearly as important as how many calories you burn altogether. For example if you may burn 350 calories during an easier but longer workout and those calories may come from fat, but if you add in some challenging intervals of high intensity you may burn as many as 750 to 1000 calories in that same workout and even though you will be burning a combination of carbohydrates and fat you will still lose more weight.

High intensity interval training is extremely effective for fat loss. The idea is to get your heart rate into the target heart training zone and then for 30 to 60 second intervals work really hard and raise your heart rate to the higher ends of the zone and then let it come back down to the lower ends and repeat a few times. If you do high intensity interval training you can even cut your workout time by half or more and still burn more calories and have more success.

To get a rough idea of your maximum heart rate, take your age and subtract it from 220. Then take that number and multiply it by 60% and 80%. This would give you a target heart-training zone. This is the zone that you need to keep your heart rate at during your cardio training in order to see the best results.

Another important aspect to losing weight and maximizing your fat loss at the gym is to lift weights. The fact is that in order to burn the most calories by just living everyday you must have more muscle. Muscle is biologically active and it helps your body to burn more calories just by being there. Fat is basically an inactive substance and it does not help your body burn any calories at all.

Exercise is important but you won’t see any results from an exercise program unless you also have a good diet. Abs are built in the kitchen, not at the gym. Making sure that you consume a healthy and nutritious diet is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any fitness program. You will never see results unless you follow a healthy diet.

You can achieve maximum fat loss by following these few fundamentals. Incorporate some challenging HIIT into your cardio routine, follow a good weight-training regimen and improve your diet. You will start seeing the results before you know it.