Get The Right Underwear

Get The Right Underwear

Various problems can arise due to wear underwear that does not fit, ranging from irritation characterized by itching, infection of the sex organs, until the whiteness, you know.

To prevent this, you should consider the following things before buying underwear:

Cotton, silk, lycra, or polyester are some of the basic ingredients used to make underwear. However, choose which makes us comfortable and do not make intimate areas become damp, such as cotton. Especially when we do strenuous physical activity that triggers perspiration. Cotton can be made ​​sex organs can breathe so as to prevent the development of bacteria that are disturbing.

So that we avoid the intimate areas of irritation, blisters, or sores, select the appropriate model. For daily activities, select models panties that cover all parts perfectly. For example, models of French cut brief, high cut briefs, hipsters or bikini. Thong and g-string, should not be used in the long term, because of the friction between the panties to the sex organs can cause blisters. While the short boy models can mnyebabkan irritation in the thighs, because the model is closed.

For bras, select the cup which is able to cover, rope appropriate so as not to change the shape of the breast, and the padding is not too thick. Bra with wire models in it is recommended for everyday wear.

Choose the right size. Because of tight underwear terlaluk can torture us when wearing them, but it is always covered area causes air circulation can not be run smoothly. Whereas, if the size is too big, it does not cover perfectly. Especially for oversized bras, breasts are not supported either can change its shape.

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