Cardio For Fat Loss

Cardio For Fat Loss

Cardio Training is one of the best ideas for weight loss and muscle building. Some of the bodybuilders might have objection to this as they feel that Cardio does not holds that kind of relevance for bodybuilders. I don’t have any belief in those claims. I think cardio training is equally important for those who want to build muscle and those just want to shed off that excess fat.

I am here going to discuss or rather provide some tips on how to do cardio training in a better and more effective way BUT first…….What is Cardiovascular Fitness?

Cardiovascular fitness can be defined simply as your body’s ability to get oxygen and blood to the muscles. The slang term “wind” sums it up nicely.

When you do physical activity and your pulse quickens and your breathing gets deeper, you are using your cardiovascular system. You can improve your cardiovascular system’s efficiency through regular training. The short term used when referring to cardiovascular exercise is Cardio.

Cardio and Weight Training

The best way to incorporate cardio into your training is to do it in a completely different session then your weight training. If you plan on doing both weights and cardio in the same session, do the weights first. There are two major reasons for this:

First, doing cardio before weights will pre-fatigue your muscles, limiting your weight training. Doing cardio after weights will not. Second, weight training will serve as a sort of pre-exhaust for cardio; lowering your blood sugar and allowing you to burn fat immediately after you start cardio. If you do cardio first, it will take about 20 minutes before you really start to burn fat. Get more information on weight training here - weight training tips

The ideal routine for cardio training is to do it five times a week with each session of say 30-60 minutes. Don’t go beyond one hour as this starts having a negative effect on your muscle growth. One hour is like the maximum time for workouts. A lot of people always think about machines like treadmill or exercise machines. They seldom realize cardio training can be done without machines and doing it in fresh air is the best way. Go out for jogging or swimming. If you like to then take your bike and go cycling in the morning. Find a partner and go for morning walk. Revive your body as well as your mind.

Just like progression is the key in building muscle. So does variations in cardio training go a long way. Try interval training as well as steady cardio like distance walking. The more your body is asked to adapt to new tasks the more weight loss you will experience. Most of the good bodybuilding programs provide detailed information on cardio with weight training. If you need reviews of bodybuilding programs follow this link - bodybuilding programs review

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