Am I Crazy? Please Help…  healthcool

Am I Crazy? Please Help… healthcool

I don’t know where to begin, but I am sure somewhere, someone can relate. So if you or a doctor are reading, please help me, as I am not finding my answer anywhere.

To start I have not had a normal nights sleep in months. When my parents go to sleep, it is as if I can feel them having sex through the floor. I can literally feel the ground shaking, and feel the vibrations in my chair when I am sitting, and when I am lying down. Sometimes my parents get up and come out, and I still fell it, thinking that it is one of my neighbors. People I have mentioned this to, said I could have tremors, and do not think that is the case. I have steady hands, and this only happenes at night when people usually have sex, or go to sleep.

My life is starting to fall apart because I cannot go to bed until 9am when everything calms down. I literally feel the vibrating all night sometimes, and if I lie down my bed begins ratling like someone is having sex next door. The only way I can escape it is if I go sleep in my car, which I cannot do for obvious reasons. I would die and come back in order to not feel what I’m feeling, and to get a normal nights sleep. This is not fair and I need help. I can feel the floor moving wherever I go in the house, its moving right now as we speak, and I think I am beginning to lose my mind. I have experienced this in many different houses, many different beds, and even in motel and hotels. All the same thing. I have tried changing floors, moving my bed to different rooms, even sleeping on the floor with my back on the concrete, but I still feel it. WIth the help of god, please what is wrong with me? and how can i get into a normal sleep routine? my doctor ordered me strong sleeping pills but I end up staying up on them till 9am because my body rejects it and still feels the shaking and thus cant sleep.

The only thing that I think may have caused or triggered this could of been my past excessive marijuana smoking. I have been smoking for 6 years on a consistent basis, but have been clean for over 37 days with no THC and still feel this. To note, that I felt this just as strong and present when I was stoned then when I am not stoned and clean now. I booked an appointment with a Neurologist, but it is in a month and a half from now as thats the earliest apt date. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME,,, May god bless you all. I am starting to tell my friends and family, and they think I am crazy. I am a very smart 26 year old male, who is otherwise very healthy, and eats right, except never sleep. only from like 9am till 3pm every day. Please help me get my life in order. I can use any advice or experience I can get.

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You are suffering from a bad case of anxiety.Its affecting your sleep,and lack of sleep itself will make it worse.Its like a viscious circle.Try cutting down on caffine.Drink more water and fruit juices,also try take Valerian tablets,which you can buy from health food shops or mail order.Take these before bedtime and they will relax you and help you sleep.Try this and see if it helps.

sounds almost like a kinda long panic attack/anxiety.

accept that you are aware of it and live with it peacefully until it passes…this may help to take a more controlled approach to it.

take up excercise…running, swimming,push your mind an body to its limit (starting carefully)

Burn candles/incense/oils in your room with low light…try meditation this will soothe an calm you.

take up a new hobbie something that needs a lot of focus…something like guitar or piano maybe

write down and explore what triggers this?smell,noise,thoughts, etc…

if you cannot sleep until early hours try a night job for a while??

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