The Importance of Goal Setting

The Importance of Goal Setting

Whether you are a recreational runner, a world class soccer player or a person who simply wants to shed a few kilos, goal setting is something that can help you along the way.

What is Goal Setting?

Goal Setting is appointing a target or objective that you can strive to attain.

How can I set goals?

There are various types of goals we can set ourselves. First of all we have to set a time period to attaining the goal. This will determine whether the goal is short-term, medium-term or long-term. An example of a short term goal would be to lose a kilogram in the next week, medium-term would be to lose 3 kilograms in the next month and long-term would be to lose 12 kilograms in the next 10 months.

The final goal that we wish to achieve is called the outcome goal. You may aim to win a 100m sprint final but the result isn’t entirely in your control. The ability of your opponents can impact your ability to achieve your goal. Outcome goals can be useful when you begin to train for your event but as you near competition time, Outcome goals can cause anxiety.

Closer to competition you should concentrate on Performance goals and Process goals. Taking rugby as an example, a performance goal for a Fly Half would be to convert 80% of penalties. A process goal is the action needed to obtain a performance goal. So sticking with the Fly Half, their process goal could be to go through the same technique for each kick.

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” -Tom Landry

In a match or event or workout session it’s best to focus on your process goals and performance goals in order to increase concentration levels and lower anxiety levels.

Goal setting is used by a huge amount of elite athletes such as Georges St-Pierre below. The Canadian is the current Welterweight Champion of the UFC.

Guide Points of setting a goal

They should be;

  • Measurable
  • Realistic
  • Exciting
  • Specific and have a set time period for achieving the goal.