Scientists continues to blame genes for cancer

Scientists continues to blame genes for cancer

The great search for the genes that cause cancer continues... yet researchers are looking in the wrong place. Genes don''t cause cancer: food and exercise choices do. People who eat anti-cancer foods like broccoli, chlorella, and spirulina don''t get cancer. People who avoid cancer-causing ingredients like sodium nitrite and other metabolic disruptors don''t get cancer. And people who engage in regular physical exercise don''t get cancer, either (unless they''re also ingesting cancer-causing food ingredients).

Cancer is easily prevented and even reversed, regardless of your genetic code.

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  • Scientists may have found a gene combination which facilitates the spread of cancer around the body.
  • The research, published in the journal Science, gives hope there could some day be a way to block the spread of the deadly disease by isolating one of the genes involved.
  • The process whereby certain cancer cells split from their original tumour and spread to other locations around the body is still poorly understood, the BBC reported.
  • Yale scientists say that despite their obvious differences, fruit flies and humans share many of the same genes, so it could be possible to study tumour spread in flies - and apply those findings to humans.

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